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    1. The Rich don’t want to pay their fair share
    2. Identifying COVID as an “airborne” virus during the pandemic would have meant closing and/or retrofitting every public space, therefore the virus wasn’t categorized properly, since then “airborne” disease requirement have since been either wholly ignored or watered down
    3. Identifying Climate Change and the related elevated temperature crisis as imminent, present, ongoing and existential, would likewise force governments to spend trillions in both reshaping heating/cooling requirements for public and private spaces, moving completely away from fossil fuels and into renewables, and completely changing the way we consume energy and materials
    4. This would cost so much money, Corporations would have to either close or take enormous hits to profit to retrofit, Governments would either have to raise taxes on Corporations or begin to tax the wealthiest more
    5. The Rich don’t want to pay their fair share