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  • Majikoi! Love Me Seriously! S - it’s a wacky visual novel about a group of high-schoolers in a world where melee combat is pretty much commonplace and all the girl MCs are action manga level of strong. Series is hilarious and I can’t stop playing it after getting swept of my feet by Momo in the first game (ended up blazing through it in two days which doesn’t happen often these days). This one is a sequel with the same (though epanded) crew and I really can’t wait to jump back in.

    As for the monthly thread, I feel like if it doesn’t happen “officially” the first person to have something to write should just post one themselves instead of waiting. Not like there’s a lot of activity here so it should remain visible long enough to gain traction.

  • TL;DW:

    • Patrick Breyer and Niklas Nienaß submitted questions to the European Commission on the topic of killing games (the latter in contact with Ross and two EU based lawyers).
    • EU won’t commit to answering whether games are goods or services.
    • EULA are probably unfair due to imbalance of rights and obligations between the parties.
    • Such terminations should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis (preferably by countries rather than EU).
    • Existing laws don’t seem to cover this issue.
    • Campaign in France seems to be gaining some traction. Case went to “the highest level where most commercial disputes submitted to DGCCRF never go”.
    • UK petition was suppose to get a revised response after the initial one was found lacking. Due to upcoming elections all petitions were closed and it might have to be resubmitted.
    • Also in UK, there’s a plan to report games killed in the last few years to the Competition and Markets Authority starting in August (CMA will get some additional power by then apparently).
    • No real news from Germany, Canada or Brazil.
    • Australian petition is over and waiting for a reply. Ross also hired a law firm to represent the issue.

    This is a simplified version of simplified version, watch the video for more info.

  • Ahhh, gotcha. I checked the links in OP this time and honestly the NFSU version sounds like many radio edits I heard before so I’m not sure what to tell you. Couldn’t find an official radio version to compare but I don’t really hear anything strange there.

    Is it a ham-fisted way to do it? Sure. Personally I chuck it up to the fact not every label bothers with a less noticeable edit for their songs.

  • A lot of explicit music has (or used to have) a “radio version” which silenced or changed the offensive language so they could be used in places and products aimed at a younger audience. That’s what this is.

    Music isn’t the only thing with censored cuts. Have you ever seen old TV versions of mature rated movies? Die Hard, Scarface and many others had swearing redubbed in corny and unfitting ways just so they could be played on the small screen.

    It’s just another way of “protecting” kids from one thing while completely disregarding other, more screwed up elements still present in the same media.