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  • I’m the odd man out here. But I don’t see the issue here. If the shoe was on the other foot and Biden got hit in the ear, and the Democrats did this to show support to Biden people here wouldn’t deride them as they do the Republicans here.

    There’s many things these politicians deserve criticism for, solidarity for someone having been hurt isn’t among them.

    If Harris got cancer we wouldn’t mock senators wearing little pink ribbons.

  • Let me clarify because apparently it wasn’t obvious. My stance is that industrial raised livestock often experience poor quality living conditions. Hunting offers a death far less insufferable than most deer would see otherwise, and a regulated harvest is critical in areas that deer’s natural predators have been extirpated like much of the populated US. Without this populations would bloom past the carrying capacity of the ecosystem leading to disease, famine, and increased death on both parties in auto accidents.

    The people eating venison are swapping it in for a steak not a salad. People make jokes about vegans because of individuals who don’t acknowledge that animal welfare isn’t a binary matter but one on a spectrum. Painting it as a binary simply dissuades non vegans from taking any incremental step to increasing their welfare.