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  • As a follow-up question of what the composition looks like


    The oral cavity has the second largest and diverse microbiota after the gut harboring over 700 species of bacteria. It nurtures numerous microorganisms which include bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa. The mouth with its various niches is an exceptionally complex habitat where microbes colonize the hard surfaces of the teeth and the soft tissues of the oral mucosa. In addition to being the initiation point of digestion, the oral microbiome is crucial in maintaining oral as well as systemic health. Because of the ease of sample collection, it has become the most well-studied microbiome till date.

    Oral cavity is one of the most well-studied microbiomes till date with a total of 392 taxa that have at least one reference genome and the total genomes across the oral cavity approaching 1500.[21]

    Approximately 700 species of prokaryotes have been identified in it. These species belong to 185 genera and 12 phyla, of which approximately 54% are officially named, 14% are unnamed (but cultivated) and 32% are known only as uncultivated phylotypes.[9] The 12 phlya are Firmicutes, Fusobacteria, Proteobacteria, Actinobacteria, Bacteroidetes, Chlamydiae, Chloroflexi, Spirochaetes, SR1, Synergistetes, Saccharibacteria (TM7) and Gracilibacteria (GN02).[22] At the genus level, there is a conserved oral microbial community in healthy mouths. Diversity in the microbiome is individual specific and site specific, despite the similarities. The tongue has numerous papillae with few anaerobic sites and hence harbors a diverse microflora which also includes anaerobes. The areas with low microbial diversity are the buccal and palatal mucosae.[

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    Great to hear!

    Some of the communities are quiet, but you’ll find that people engage with your posts when you make them. Especially if there are a good number of subscribers for them

    You can also post on !communitypromo@lemmy.ca or !newcommunities@lemmy.world if you’re reviving one, so that others can see

    Finally, if you’re in contact with the mods on Reddit for a particular team, see if they’d be interested in having the Lemmy community be the official off-site space for the subreddit. People that want to talk about the team without ads/tracking/annoying UI can come here for it

  • The study that is mentioned: (researchgate.net)

    But not all is well at the moment with Canada’s federal public service. In a forthcoming study to be published in the Review of Public Personnel Administration, my co-researcher and I find that the inability of both French and English-speaking federal public servants to work in their official language of choice is pushing them to consider quitting their jobs.

    Approximately 40 per cent of English and French-speaking public servants, citing a low ability to use their official language at work, said they intended to quit their jobs for something else within the public service, whereas the probability of quitting was only 26 per cent among public servants expressing a high ability to use their official language at work.

  • Water Street Pedestrian Zone Pilot will be temporarily removed to make way for the worldclass bike race July 8 2024 –

    Gastown is set to welcome thousands of fans to its brick and cobblestone streets for the 51st anniversary of the Gastown Grand Prix this Wednesday July 10 with events starting at 5:30pm.

    In preparation for the bike race, the Water Street Pedestrian Zone Pilot furniture and other features will be temporarily removed starting Monday July 8. All features will be reinstalled immediately following the race on Thursday July 11 and the pedestrian zone is expected to be fully operational by Friday July 12.

    Once re-installed, the Water Street Pedestrian Zone Pilot will remain in place for the rest of July and August as a vibrant and shared community space.

    For a full list of upcoming summer festivities taking place in Gastown, visit gastown.org/events

  • At some point I think I’m going to write a post about nice behaviour here. I have to think about it some more… And this is a diverse place anyways, other people might like different things.

    I’d read something like that :)

    Sometimes we also don’t think about how we could be doing something better. Another thing that comes to mind, which I sometimes forget, is upvoting the post that you are commenting on. Usually if I’m commenting, I want more people to see and join the discussion, but I forget to upvote before leaving the tab