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  • Outside of software spaces the discussion around copyright seems so much more nuanced. Any creative commons license is generally considered “copyleft” regardless of the details, and some are far more restrictive than the FUTO license. Consider projects like Wikipedia which accept content licensed under GDFL, or CC-BY, or CC-BY-SA, Apache 2.0, or PD.

    I am not a programmer, so maybe I am missing a huge piece of context, but what is the insistence in the free software community for what seems like total license purity? I even see software engineers arguing that “everyone” should use Apache or MIT and not the other, which is somehow bad for the FOSS community. What am I missing? Isn’t more free better than less free?

  • The seller sends an item to the Amazon warehouse to be sold, Amazon fulfillment sends it to the buyer. Buyer returns it, and it goes back to the amazon warehouse and back into the store’s digital inventory. It gets sold again and amazon fulfillment sends it out.

    You can run a store without using Amazon but it may be hard to compete. Amazon has identical products in warehouses all over the world so even if it’s not the specific item the seller sent to Amazon fulfillment, the customer can get same day delivery. This system also creates an intractible counterfeit problem.