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  • The point is that no one will be creating content with the primary target of putting it in Peertube, much less “exclusively”.

    Yeah, creators maybe can get some extra revenue by turning some monetization feature on Peertube, but the same could be said about “just use liberapay”, “just use flattr” (RIP), “just use OpenCollective” and even “just go ask in the streets”.

  • I really don’t see how you can get to this conclusion. We can only get to the $100k/month figure by using unreasonably optimistic numbers for revenue potential. A more realistic figure would be 0.5% of the MAU donating $2/month, which brings it down to $15k/month. That would be enough to support maybe 5 creators?

    The market is just to small to be relevant. I think we might even see more people setting peertube accounts as an alternative, but no sensible creator is interested in leaving Youtube.